11 -19 School Nursing Led Service

11 -19 School Nursing Led Service

11-19 School Nursing Led Service

What is the Service?

Our 11-19 School nurse led service provides a service to all young people within Hull City to help them to achieve their potential for physical, emotional and social wellbeing and to gain maximum benefit from their education. Our team have a unique knowledge about child health, illness and developmental needs and provide preventative services, early interventions and a referral service for those young people with additional needs.

In addition the team delivers public health nursing services to children and young people aged 5-19 years who are educated at home, missing from education, attending an alternate education provision or who are looked after (LAC) by the Local Authority. This group of young people are among the most vulnerable children within our communities and require targeted assessment and intervention to ensure that they receive the public health services they need to support them in achieving their full potential for educational, physical, emotional and social well-being.


Aim of Service

  • To provide individual promotional health advice and support to parents, carers, children, young people and teachers, in school and in the wider community.
  • To contribute to the assessment and management of children with additional needs and/or special health needs to include the development of care plans where necessary with secondary agencies.
  • To provide sexual health advice, emergency contraception and general health support to young people by providing appropriate school “pop ins” for easy access in senior school.
  • To offer an annual health assessment to every child and young person educated at home. To work with the local authority to offer health advice and support to those young people missing from education, attending alternative educational provision and/or in a Looked After placement until 18 years by focusing on primary prevention and early intervention.
  • To ensure that these children and young people have equal access to health services
  • To provide an immunisation service to children in senior school in accordance with local and national vaccination programmes.


Service Referral - How to Refer and Criteria

This is a universal service although Children and Young People or parents are encouraged to access the school health team if they wish to do so.

All children and Young People within the city of Hull are offered this service.


Expected Outcomes for the Service

Be healthy

Work to reduce the harm caused by drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Offer sexual health advice, support and access to contraception services. Offer the co-ordination and delivery of support to children and young people with additional physical, emotional, behavioural and learning disorders and conditions.

Stay Safe

Work towards preventing the need for children and young people to become looked after within the social care system or to have a Child Protection Plan Work towards reducing accidental injuries within and outside the home and in schools and reduce risk taking behaviours


Promote opportunities for all children and young people to enjoy life and have fun and participate in physical exercise by signposting to leisure services


Work in partnership with schools to improve educational attainment, achievement and attendance by promoting healthy lifestyles

Make a positive contribution

Ensure children and young people are valued and their opinions are respected and where appropriate that they are consulted about service provision , access and choice of health care. To work within the “your welcome” standards for access to confidential services

Economic Wellbeing

Support children and Young People to engage in education and ensure that they are ready for the transition into further education, training or employment for those in school and educated at home

Future Developments

To develop an integrated workforce that has the skills, knowledge, competencies and capabilities to deliver a flexible School Nursing Service.


Contact and Availability

The Administration Team that supports the Hull citywide School Nursing Teams (formerly East, North & West localities) are based at:

Highlands Health Centre
Lothian Way
North Bransholme
Hull HU7 5DD

Contact details:

Telephone:       01482 344301

Generic Email:  CHCP.CYP-School-Nursing@nhs.net


Your guide to the 11 - 19 School Nursing Led Service


If you are a young person and would like an appointment with a school nurse text SCHOOLNURSE to 61825*


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