Continuing Care for Children and Young People

Continuing Care for Children and Young People

What is the Service?

The service provides a systematic approach to assessing, deciding and agreeing bespoke packages of care for children & young people under the age of 18 years who have continuing care needs that cannot be met by existing universal and specialist services alone.

The service supports parents and carers in caring for their child.

Children & Young people accessing the service usually present with complex health needs that may require more intensive health support and interventions on a daily basis that would be over and above what would be expected from their carers alone.

The process is led by children’s nurses based within a children & young people continuing care team.

For more information, please see our Continuing Care leaflet here

Aim of Service

  • The service sets out to clarify the eligibility of children & young people who may have continuing care needs through evidence based assessment processes in line with national and local policy.

  • The service works with parents, carers and multiagency partners to ensure a holistic approach to assessment and decision making.

  • The service will identify and procure care packages for children & young people who are eligible. 

Training and development of healthcare staff across primary and secondary care will be undertaken to:

  • Promote staff knowledge and skills and provide a consistent approach that will ensure all children and young people who may be eligible are considered and referred for assessment of continuing care funding.

Referral Process and Enquries

Referrals can be made by parents/ carers, health professionals, social care and the voluntary sector.

Referrals and enquries are processed through the Single Point of Access Team for Community Nursing and Medical Services.


Telephone: 01482 221 261