Family Nurse Partnership

Family Nurse Partnership

What is the Service?

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is an intensive, preventive home visiting programme. The service is offered to first-time young mothers, from early pregnancy until the child is 2 years old.

Families receive weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits from the same Family Nurse throughout this time. Each visit consists of structured conversations and activities designed to improve self-efficacy, facilitate behaviour change and build parent/child attachment.

Aim of Service

The programme’s primary focus is the future health and well-being of the child and mother.

The aims of the FNP programme are:

  • To improve antenatal health
  • To improve child health and development
  • To improve parents economic self sufficiency

Service Referral - How to Refer and Criteria

The FNP team usually receives notifications about women who are eligible for the FNP programme directly from the maternity services.

Women are eligible for FNP if they are:

  • Aged 18 years or under
  • Expecting their first baby
  • Living in Hull

Expected Outcomes for the Service

The FNP programme is a licensed programme with quality and programme measures that ensure fidelity to the FNP model and replication of the original research which has been developed over 30 years in the US. The evidence from the US trials demonstrates positive results from pregnancy through to 19 years, across a range of outcomes for both mother and child.

Benefits include:

  • Improved antenatal health and behaviours – less smoking, better nutrition, fewer infections;
  • Improved children’s cognitive development, school readiness and academic achievement;
  • Better parenting;
  • Reduced child maltreatment and neglect;
  • Improved children’s emotional and behavioural development;
  • Improved life course development and economic self-sufficiency of mother
  • Increased father involvement
  • Reduced involvement of child in crime and antisocial behaviour later in life.

The Team

The team consists of 7 Family Nurses, A Family Nurse Supervisor and a Quality Support Officer. We are integrated within the 0-19 service and work closely with our Health Visitor and School Nurse colleagues as well as other health professionals.

Contact and Availability

The FNP team can be contacted during usual office hours. The team are based at:

The Orchard Centre
210 Orchard Park Road

Telephone: 01482 347300


The Hull Family Nurse Partnership team asked clients of the service what they thought of it. A report on their responses can be read here.