HPV Vaccinations

Find out what last year's Y8 pupils at St. Mary's College felt about having the HPV vaccine..


The HPV vaccine consists of two vaccinations at least 6 months apart. The first round of HPV vaccines in Hull Schools is given to Y8 girls in the Autumn with the second round delivered in April and May.

It is important to have both vaccines to be properly protected.

Second round vaccine timetable:

Winifred Holtby Academy, Thursday 12 April 2018
The Boulevard Academy, Monday 16 April 2018
Kingswood Academy, Thursday 19 April 2018
Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Monday 23 April 2018
Kelvin Hall School, Tuesday 25 April 2018
Newland School for Girls, Wednesday 26 April 2018
Sirius Academy North, Tuesday 1 May 2018
Sirius Academy West, Wednesday 2 May 2018

Catchup sessions

We are also running catchup sessions for Year 9 + who have missed the vaccine. These are listed below. 

Malet Lambert, Friday 20 April 2018

If you have any queries about the vaccine, you can contact the team on (01482) 335703.

Information for Teachers

Teenage Cancer Trust has worked with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to create bespoke resources for teachers and young people around cervical cancer and ways to prevent it. There are two lesson plans designed for two year groups (year 8 and year 10), including free resources for you to share with your class.

If you'd like further information on this visit Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.


Consent Form

If you haven't had a consent form or have lost yours and need another copy don't worry - you can just download and print the form below...HPV Form

HPV Vaccinations Leaflet

HPV info