Hull Flu Vaccinations

Immunisation Timetable

Reception and Y 1-4 flu vaccination programme

Your child will be offered the nasal spray flu vaccine. This is a small amount of spray up into each nostril. It feels ticklish and eyes may water a little. Side effects are uncommon. This vaccination programme is designed to protect your child against flu which can be an unpleasant illness and, although rarely, can sometimes cause serious complications. Having the flu vaccination, can reduce the risk of children passing the virus onto family/friends some of whom may be at greater risk from flu for example an infant, an older person or someone with an underlying health conditions.

The timetable is available below. If you have any queries about the vaccine, you can contact the team on (01482) 335703.

Monday 2nd October
AM: Ganton School
PM: Bridgeview School

Tuesday 3rd October
AM: Frederick Holmes

Wednesday 4th October
AM: Tweendykes

Thursday 5th October
AM: Northcott School

Friday 6th October
AM: Special School Catch Up
PM: Special School Catch Up

Monday 9th October
AM: Thanet Primary
PM: Mountbatten Academy

Tuesday 10th October
AM: Oldfleet Primary
PM: Maybury Primary

Wednesday 11th October
AM: Griffin Primary
PM: Woodlands Primary

Thursday 12th October
AM: St. Richards and Marfleet
PM: HU9 Catch Up

Friday 13th October
AM: Southcoates
PM: Craven Primary

Monday 16th October
AM: Alderman Cogan
PM: HU9 Catch Up

Tuesday 17th October
AM: Stockwell
PM: Victoria Dock

Wednesday 18th October
AM: HU9 Catch Up
PM: HU9 Catch Up

Thursday 19th October
AM: HU9 Catch Up
PM: Estcourt Primary

Friday 20th October
AM: Wansbeck Primary
PM: Longhill Primary

Monday 23rd October
AM: Spring Cottage
PM: Neasden

Tuesday 24th October
AM: Ings
PM: Bellfield

Wednesday 25th October
AM: Gillshill
PM: Cavendish

Thursday 26th October
AM: Buckingham
PM: Mersey

Friday 27th October
AM: Westcott
PM: HU8 Catch Up

Monday 6th November
AM: HU8 Catch Up
PM: HU8 Catch Up

Tuesday 7th November
AM: The Greenway
PM: St. Nicholas

Wednesday 8th November
AM: Endike
PM: Endsleigh

Thursday 9th November
AM: The Parks Primary
PM: St. Anthony's

Friday 10th November
AM: Hall Road
PM: Newland St John

Monday 13th November
AM: Thorpepark
PM: Parkstone

Tuesday 14th November
AM: HU6 Catch Up
PM: HU6 Catch Up

Wednesday 15th November
AM: HU6 Catch Up
PM: HU6 Catch Up

Thursday 16th November
AM: Highlands Primary
PM: Kingswood Parks

Friday 17th November
AM: Sutton Park
PM: St. Mary's Q of M

Monday 20th November
AM: Biggin
PM: Cleeve

Tuesday 21st November
AM: Dorchester
PM: St James

Wednesday 22nd November
AM: Stoneferry
PM: St Andrews

Thursday 23rd November
AM: Bude
PM: Broadacre

Friday 24th November
AM: HU7 Catch Up
PM: HU7 Catch Up

Monday 27th November
AM: HU7 Catch Up
PM: HU7 Catch Up

Tuesday 28th November
AM: Clifton & Newlife Christian Academy
PM: St Charles

Wednesday 29th November
AM: Adelaide
PM: Chiltern

Thursday 30th November
AM: Collingwood
PM: Pearson

Friday 1st December
AM: Newington
PM: St. George

Monday 4th December
AM: Wheeler
PM: Paisley

Tuesday 5th December
AM: HU2 & HU3 Catch Up
PM: HU2 & HU3 Catch Up

Wednesday 6th December
AM: Bricknell
PM: HU2 & HU3 Catch Up

Thursday 7th December
AM: Eastfield
PM: Rokeby

Friday 8th December
AM: Christopher Pickering
PM: St Thomas More

Monday 11th December
AM: Francis Askew
PM: Ainthorpe

Tuesday 12th December
AM: Wold
PM: Priory

Wednesday 13th December
AM: Sidmouth
PM: Appleton

Thursday 14th December
AM: St. Vincents
PM: Stepney

Friday 15th December
AM: Thorseby
PM: Froebel

Monday 18th December
AM: HU4 & HU5 Catch Up
PM: HU4 & HU5 Catch Up

Tuesday 19th December
AM: HU4 & HU5 Catch Up
PM: HU4 & HU5 Catch Up

Flu Letter to Parents

parents flu letter


Children's Flu Form

flu form