I.M.P.S Team

I.M.P.S Team

What is the service?

Accidental injury is the leading cause of death among young people and disproportionately affects the most disadvantaged young people, 33% of all children in Hull live in poverty (JSNA 2011). Children from the poorest families are more likely to die from accidents, to be admitted to hospital and to be admitted with more severe injuries.

The Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools (I.M.P.S.) is a research based health education programme which has been shown to change the attitudes and perceptions of children and young people by providing them with an opportunity to learn emergency lifesaving skills, assess risk and to take personal responsibility for their own safety which has been demonstrated to strengthen their confidence and self-esteem.

The I.M.P.S programme is delivered in Hull to 10 and 11 years olds jointly in the school and local hospital emergency department using a three tiered education approach including:

  • Curricular-linked work and support to teachers to help children identify, assess and manage risks
  • A fun on-line safety quiz to be completed pre and post visit
  • Visit to The Hull Royal Infirmary (Site visits available September until April)
    • guided tour of the emergency department, which allows children to experience many of the concepts learnt in the classroom when applied to the real world.
    • A session using an interactive DVD where children are taught the principles of first aid and injury minimisation.
    • A session in which children are taught the principles of emergency life support using individual ACTAR911 manikins.
  • Curricular linked follow up of learning & new skills in school

Sessions are also offered within the school environment throughout the year. Our trainers bring all the specialist equipment into schools to ensure pupils have a very similar experience to that of the site visit.

Aim of Service

The aim is to teach children how to recognise potentially dangerous situations in order to prevent injuries. The programme also equips children with first aid and resuscitation skills, helping them to respond effectively if an incident occurs.

Service Referral - How to Refer and Criteria

The programme is offered FREE to all Primary Schools in Hull, aimed at Year 6 pupils aged 10-11 years. The team also work with special needs schools with pupils of all ages.

Expected Outcomes for the Service

I.M.P.S. helps to address key outcomes on behalf of the Children & Young Peoples Partnership Board by:

  • Reducing unnecessary accidents and visits to the A&E Department
  • Addressing health inequalities and narrowing the gap by targeting children and young people who at greatest risk. Children from the poorest families are 13 times more likely to die in an accident and are also more likely to be admitted to hospital
  • Helping children and young people to stay safe through education and empowerment
  • Building self-esteem, confidence and self-belief which helps children achieve more academically and reduces the risk of them adopting risky behaviours and unhealthy lifestyles
  • The team have trained over 27,000 pupils since the programme was launched in 2001

Future Developments

The I.M.P.S. vision for the future is to create a generation of children who will think before participating in risky behaviour and are confident to help others if things go wrong. 

Contact and Availability

Sessions run on a weekly school term basis.

Donna Shipp – Hull I.M.P.S Co-ordinator
Highlands Health Centre
Lothian Way

Mobile: 07964686960

Fax: 01482 336919

Email: donna.shipp@nhs.net