Infant Feeding Co-ordinator

Infant Feeding Co-ordinator

What is the Service?

The infant feeding co-ordinator leads on the implementation of the UNICEF Baby Friendly Accreditation and works collaboratively with partner agencies and the voluntary sector to protect, support and promote breastfeeding.

To lead on the coordination, development, monitoring, performance management and evaluation of an effective health improvement strategy which relate to breastfeeding and infant feeding.

To engage with local partners and communities to highlight the benefits of breastfeeding, to normalize breastfeeding and to support those mothers that have chosen to breastfeed.

To recruit premises and maintain the standards for the Breastfeeding Friendly Premises award and to encourage Hull to become a breastfeeding friendly City.

To deliver training to staff to meet the standards for UNICEF and to ensure staff have the skills and knowledge to support mothers to make healthy choices around infant feeding , to ensure safe feeding practices and to support mothers with breastfeeding difficulties.

To undertake various audits to ensure standards are achieved and maintained for staff education and skills, safe infant feeding practices, supporting parents in their chosen method of feeding and adherence to the code of marketing of breast milk substitutes.

CHCP CIC has achieved full UNICEF baby friendly accreditation and in November 2015 were re-accredited.

Aim of Service

  • To promote the healthier option of breastfeeding to reduce infant mortality and morbidity and to inform mothers of the short and long term benefits to themselves and their infants both in terms of physical and emotional outcomes.

  • To support mothers who choose to formula feed to ensure safe practices.

  • To enable early identification of feeding problems and referral to appropriate support groups, services and specialist intervention.

Service Referral - How to Refer and Criteria

All families will be seen by a health visitor and routine support will be given. Referrals for additional breastfeeding support can be made by the health visitor to the breastfeeding peer support service or the children centre.

The infant feeding co-ordinator is an international board certified lactation consultant and referrals for this service for persistent or complex issues can be made via the health visiting service.

Expected Outcomes for the Service

  • That every mother has had the opportunity to discuss feeding options whilst pregnant and is informed of the benefits of breastfeeding for her baby and herself using the conversation form devised by UNICEF baby friendly as a guide.

Contact and Availability

Debbie Jackson
Orchard Park Health Centre
Tel - 01482 477752
Mobile – 07964686958
Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00


Breastfeeding support

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