Safeguarding Children Team

Safeguarding Children Team

What is the Safeguarding Children’s Service?

To provide a child centred safeguarding service that reflects the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda and the Government’s Early Intervention agenda (Allen, 2011).The team provide support and advice to all community practitioners in their day to day work to ensure the best possible outcomes for children in need and those at risk of significant harm.

The Safeguarding Team is a centralised team which is co-located with children’s social care and the police it is comprised of a named nurse, four specialist safeguarding practitioners, a training coordinator and an administration team. The team works collaboratively across Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire within a range of intra and multi-agency settings.

The operational function of the team revolves around the processes of supervision, training, audit and governance.


Aim of Service

The aims of the service are to:

  • Ensure that day to day advice, support and expertise is available to all community practitioners, enabling them to fulfil their professional and legal obligations in relation to all matters pertaining to safeguarding children.
  • Ensure a robust safeguarding clinical supervision framework which allows for managerial, educational, and effective Organisational wide governance support, thus promoting a dynamic, evidence based service.
  • Contribute to inter- and intra-agency safeguarding children training sessions across CHCP CIC to ensure learning need is both communicated and embedded into practice.
  • Undertake a key role in all matters of communication across the Organisation and with partner agencies to take forward the ‘Stay Safe Outcome’ objectives and outcomes according to the evidence of local need and risk to children and young people.
  • Contribute to the development of appropriate systems including audit and governance policies and procedures to ensure safe practice in relation to the delivery of an effective Safeguarding Service across the Organisation.


Expected Outcomes for the Service

  • To facilitate the development of a confident, informed nursing work force in relation to their role and responsibility pertaining to child welfare and safeguarding matters
  • Improved outcomes for children.
  • A reduction of risk to children and staff.


Contact and Availability

Contact can be made Monday to Friday 8.30am – 6.00pm directly into the safeguarding children team by post, e-mail, telephone.

The CHCP Safeguarding Children Team
Brunswick House
Strand Close
Beverley Road

Telephone: 01482 617875 / 617839