Specialist Sexual Health Services

Specialist Sexual Health Services

What is the Service?

The specialist sexual health service provides sexual health advice, support and sex and relationship education to vulnerable young people and to children, young people and their families who attend special schools in the Hull area.

Aim of Service

The service will take a lead role in undertaking sex and relationship education in special schools and co-ordinate the development of specialist sexual health intervention to support vulnerable young people up to the age of 19.

  • To work as part of a wider multi-disciplinary team and act as a source of information and advice to parents, carers, children, young people and other health professionals.
  • To develop an enhanced sex and relationship programme based on nationally available resources to improve the consistency and quality of existing provision with some added specialist support.
  • The lead Practitioner will develop referral processes and pathways within schools and work closely with existing sexual health services, CTLD, and school nurse support services.
  • Provide a parent support service in relation to sexual health with a designated help line and to develop a parent support programme to be delivered as a rolling programme in special schools.
  • Undertaking annual evaluations in relation to the delivery of a needs led, evidence based public health service SRE to young people.

Service Referral - How to Refer and Criteria

Referrals are accepted from all agencies, health professionals, education professionals, parents and young people.

A referral form is available which can be completed electronically, telephone referrals will also be accepted.

Children and Young people who have complex learning disabilities will continue to be referred to the Community Learning Disability Team.

Expected Outcomes for the Service

  • A quality, evidence based and consistent enhanced Sex and Relationship education programme for special schools and vulnerable young People within the local area.
  • The provision of accessible, quality sexual health services for vulnerable young people.
  • To support and advise parents/carers of children and young people with learning difficulties in relation to sex and relationship education.

Future Developments

We are working towards increased capacity within the service to support continuity and further roll out of the service to include pupil referral units, school inclusion units and potentially the East Riding of Yorkshire to provide a consistent service for all children and young people in the local area.

Contact and Availability

Anita Morris
Sex and Relationship Lead for Special Schools and Vulnerable Young People
Orchard Health Centre
Orchard Park

01482 477732


Available Monday-Friday 9-5